Jonathan Phillips


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Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan Phillips is South Florida’s newest up-and-coming real estate agent with all the dedication, energy, and passion necessary to consistently provide clients with outstanding results. Clients receive Jonathan’s full attention, and the client can be sure that he or she will be working with Jonathan directly. Jonathan is available whenever his clients need, and they are constantly praising how attentive and committed he is when helping a client buy or sell a property.

Jonathan started his career working in finance for a commercial real estate investment company, learning the fundamentals of real estate in a high-pressure environment. Prior to this, he completed an MBA in valuation from Lynn University, which has helped him in valuing potential properties for his many investor clients. Having moved down to Florida after living in New York, he has also excelled in helping numerous others who have made the same journey find homes.

Jonathan has the perfect combination of persistence, intellect, and business-sense that allows him to guide his clients to quick but smart decisions. He has already built an outstanding network within the real-estate community, and there is rarely a property that escapes his radar. When working with the JM Phillips Group, clients can be sure that they are receiving the most up-to-date, relevant knowledge as well as the most insightful guidance to go with it.

In his free time, Jonathan pursues his passion for athletics and staying fit, particularly with his favorite hobbies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts. He leads an active lifestyle, and while he channels some of his energy into exercise, he channels most of it into finding the absolute best deals for his clients.